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A week of exciting shooting

So over the holidays I decided to go and have some challenging new shots with some amazing local models, I quite enjoy when I get to work closely with good friends. With Bambu Jessica I wanted to do some grinder and fire, so we headed out to the lake bed and got to it. My good friend John Wylie made a trip out to be my assistant with lighting and props. The wind was a little brisk at first but by early dusk it was dying down which allowed us to get some nice fire done. With another fine young lady named Leah we did some lovely yoga poses in the sun. I was worried the location might not fit,...


New site!

After a year of procrastination and indecision on what to put here I have decided to put my best foot forward and upload content. In the past I have put the majority of my work on Facebook simply because it is easy and has a wide audience. Some of my work has not been family friendly and has had to be not shown to the masses. I hope you all like the layout and content as I slowly convert my work to be shown here. I am not sure I will be blogging very much though. But. I do believe in the strobist principals and that might spur me to not be lazy.