A week of exciting shooting

So over the holidays I decided to go and have some challenging new shots with some amazing local models, I quite enjoy when I get to work closely with good friends.

With Bambu Jessica I wanted to do some grinder and fire, so we headed out to the lake bed and got to it. My good friend John Wylie made a trip out to be my assistant with lighting and props. The wind was a little brisk at first but by early dusk it was dying down which allowed us to get some nice fire done.

With another fine young lady named Leah we did some lovely yoga poses in the sun. I was worried the location might not fit, but after we got started it became apparent very quickly that the serenity she brought in such stark contrast to the bustle of down was what exactly I had wanted.

Later in the week I had some fun with Suzanne Lugano and Sarah Jane with the assistance of Derek Marsh. We had decided to go down in to some tunnels underneath the Strip here in Las Vegas and shoot some quite aggressive scenes that Suzanne would paint on to Sarah. The work was amazing and everything sort of popped together. So here we are at midnight UNDER the city in these tunnels, we had brought enough equipment in a huge wagon so that the we could get the lighting we wanted and keep sarah warm! I think the moments we were able to capture were stunning.

Ivana Blaize.. Ah, what can you say about this lovely young lady other than it is hard not to keep a permagrin around this lady. She is always for having fun and bouncy. So when I wanted to move in to darker scenes she jumped right in to it. I think the feeling she conveys in her eyes is genuine and evokes your soul to reach out.

Jani Love was also quite fun to shoot. This time Derek and I decided to team up again and shoot down town in some interesting neighborhoods. The amount of art and beauty in the world is staggering if your willing to stop and put forth the effort to capture it!

Mustn’t forget my double evening with Devyn Shannon, MzMina Kahn, and Natasha Braxton! We had a phenomenal time at Whiskey Pete’s shop working with hotrod’s, custom bikes, you name it! And we only touched a SMALL percentage of what was available.. :)

I have some new idea’s brewing for some more dark projects. You will just have to stick around to see what happens next. :)